United to Beat Time

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We are an alliance of independent non-profit organizations dedicated to defeating Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Duchenne Alliance member foundations collaborate to co-identify, co-review, and co-fund the most promising biomedical research. We have established the Duchenne Alliance Research Fund to receive monetary donations and direct these resources to advancing the top biomedical research and clinical trials.

United to Advance Therapies


Clinical Trials Travel Grant for REVERSE-DBMD Trial Kathryn Wagner, MD,PhD Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000

Clinical Trials DEXA Clinical Study Elise Townsend, DPT, PhD PCS and Craig Canapari, MD The Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinic at MassGeneral Hospital for Children $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000

Preclinical Therapeutics The Effects of Poloxamer-188 (Carmeseal) on Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function in 1-Year Old mdx Mice. Bruce Markham, CSO Phrixus Pharmaceuticals Inc. $67,374 $67,374 $67,374 $67,374

Clinical Therapeutics Preparation of the anti-fibrotic halofuginone for use in amulti-center Phase II clinical trial Marc Blaustein, CEO Halo Therapeutics $1,548,000 $1,561,362 $1,548,000 $1,548,000

Preclinical Therapeutics Development of dystrophin independent therapy for DMD Louis Kunkel, PhD Boston Children's Hospital $216,762 $216,762 $190,000 $216,762

Preclinical Therapeutics Muscle function for candidate compounds Dawn Lowe, PhD University of Minnesota $117,765 $110,072 $116,072 $112,381

Preclinical Therapeutics Measurement of in vivo respiratory and cardiac function during dietary enrichment with a nutraceutical in animal models of DMD Joshua Selsby, PhD Iowa State University $206,458 $206,459 $206,459 $206,458

Preclinical Therapeutics Antifibrotic Agent for Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Jeffrey Chamberlain, PhD University of Washington $169,528 $169,528 $177,028 $131,289

Clinical Trials A Phase I/II Clinical Program to Evaluate HT-100 in DMD Marc Blaustein, CEO Halo Therapeutics $2,400,712 $2,288,000 $2,011,000 $2,011,000

Preclinical Therapeutics Determining the mechanisms whereby a nutraceutical enriched diet interrupts disease processes in DMD Joshua Selsby, PhD Iowa State University $232,171 $166,870 $121,000 $90,000

Clinical Therapeutics Moving Carmeseal-MD into the clinic to treat respiratory and cardiac dysfunction in non-ambulatory Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients Bruce Markham, CSO Phrixus Pharmaceuticals Inc. $130,488 $25,000 $0 $0

Clinical Trials ISOFEN, multi-cener clinical trial in DMD Emilio Clementi, MD University of Milano $1,485,117 $0 $0 $0