Take Action – Contact your Senator

Posted by: Christine McSherry on December 17, 2013

Help Make Duchenne a Top Priority by contacting your Senators.

If you live in Massachusetts, email Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Here is Senator Warren’s contact info>

Here is a draft of text you can use:

Message Subject: Duchenne Eteplirsen

Hello Senator Warren,

Children with Duchenne are losing their lives. The FDA needs to take immediate action and make Duchenne a priority. As one of your constituents, I ask that you take action and urge the FDA to work with Sarepta Therapuetics to accept a new drug application from the company and then consider allowing the creative and aggressive confirmatory trial design they have planned. Understand that children will die and will lose their ability to walk if this decision continues to be postponed.

Thank you.

Insert YOUR name

IF you live outside of Massachusetts, search for your Senator here>

And send them the email above.

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