The Paradigm is Changing

Posted by: Christine McSherry on October 29, 2013

The paradigm is changing, and at the Jett Foundation, we are excited to be part of it.

Jenn McNary, mom of sonís Austin and Max, and Program Manager at the Jett Foundation, gave what is being called the most powerful talk at this yearís†Forbes Healthcare Summit. Jenn explains her story, and how itís possible that she could be the mother of both the first boy to survive Duchenne, and the last one to die from the disease. Read the Forbes article and†listen to the presentation here.

As Jenn describes in her presentation, this is about saving the children right now who are living with Duchenne, and paving the way for treatments in the future. Join our work at the Jett Foundation. We need donors, friends, connections,and volunteers. Together we will end Duchenne.

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