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Posted by: Christine McSherry on January 24, 2013

Join us at the FDA – Accelerated Approval for Eteplirsen

Posted by John Campbell on January 23, 2013

To all members of the Duchenne community:

For years, dozens of organizations have fought to find a treatment for Duchenne, a treatment that can save boys’ lives. Now, we’re closer than ever, but we need your help to make the final push.

On February 13th, with we will present more than 170,000 signatures in support of accelerated approval for Eteplirsen. This is the final push before the FDA makes its decision.

We need you there. We need to show the FDA that the Duchenne community wants and needs accelerated approval for Eteplirsen.

Sign up to join us in DC.

This is a watershed moment in the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy. By gaining accelerated approval for this treatment, we can save lives and pave the way for the development of additional treatments for Duchenne. Join us.Together we can change the lives of the thousands of families affected by Duchenne. Together we can make Duchenne history.

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